Operations Strategic Plan 2022-2023

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Letter from the Vice Provost for Operations

The Operations Strategic Plan 2022-2023 is the result of significant collaboration across the Operations team as well as with many of our campus stakeholders. For our stakeholders, we have been deliberate about understanding how we can best support you, and we are committed to providing that support consistent with our values and aligned with our priorities. We appreciate feedback both positive and constructive about your experiences with the Operations team and the enhancements we make to embrace efficiencies and innovations. I also challenge our internal teams to review the plan and to always feel empowered to improve on what we have promised.

This is an exciting time to lead and work at KU. The Jayhawk brand is important and powerful. We all have a responsibility to represent it well. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about keeping KU the best place in the world to learn, live, and work.

Rock Chalk!

Mike Rounds
Vice Provost for Operations

Our Vision

Empowering a Community of Excellence.

Our Mission

Through the timely delivery of innovative, valuable, and compliant services, Operations supports an inclusive community of excellence where students, faculty, and staff flourish.

To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Attract, develop, engage, and retain quality talent.
  • Provide a safe physical environment on campus.
  • Use resources effectively to design, build, operate, and manage the campus.
  • Deliver excellent service.
  • Collaborate to provide optimal solutions.


IntegrityHonorable in my actions, both on and off campus.
RespectKind, inclusive, and care about others' well being and sense of belonging.
InnovationInventive, productive, and adaptive in solving problems and creating new ideas.
StewardshipTake pride in being a Jayhawk and promote the mission of KU.
ExcellenceEndeavor to achieve KU's mission to lift students and society.

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus
Holistic Employee LifecycleShape a holistic employee lifecycle engagement and support strategy including: 1.  Strategic sourcing and recruiting, 2. Employee growth plan, 3. Comprehensive retention initiatives, 4. Timely succession planning
Data-Driven Decision MakingDevelopment and application of metrics to facilitate funding and service prioritization and execution strategies. Data-driven processes create a culture of proactive service offerings and reduces instances of reactive services.
BrandingDevelop and implement Operations branding campaign that tells our story & celebrates our achievements.
Internal CommunicationsImplement internal and external communication plans keep employees informed and effectively engaged.
Safe & Reliable EnvironmentProvide a safe and reliable environment by creating redundancies and performing proactive, corrective maintenance.